September 25, 2022
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Greg Lindberg assured In a success appeal Of Case Initiated via Mike Causey’s False Allegations Greg E. Lindberg, founding father of world growth, today launched here open letter that’s being sent to the business’s ingredients: AN OPEN LETTER FROM GREG LINDBERG Why i’m confident In A a success attraction within the Case Initiated by Mike Causey’s False Allegations To our ingredients, i would like to in actual fact thank you for the heartfelt assist and phrases of encouragement concerning this past Wednesday’s sentencing in the case pending towards me within the Western District of North Carolina. I also truly respect judge Cogburn enabling me to continue to be free on bail except my reporting date, which offers our action for an attraction bond time to be heard through the Fourth Circuit court docket of Appeals. i am assured the Fourth Circuit will either reverse the decision or remand the case for a brand new trial. The Supreme court has dominated unanimously that a decide can not coach a jury on a discovering of fact, because the district courtroom did in my case. In essence, the district court docket directed the responsible verdict. In doing so, the district courtroom took probably the most vital a part of the case far from the jury and infringed on my and each American’s Fifth and Sixth modification rights. Even the prosecution agreed with me on this factor in one of their filings right through the trial. The district courtroom additionally failed to adhere to limits on federal bribery offenses imposed these days by way of the Supreme courtroom in McDonnell v. u.s.. This ruling requires that an "reliable act" be akin to a lawsuit, listening to, or formal administrative ruling. a few of you were concerned in a lawsuit. You know that it’s a large deal. In contrast, the file switch that we asked for could have been completed with a quick dialog in the hallway, as the government’s own witnesses admitted. Even the prosecution admitted that what we were soliciting for turned into "good" for the state of North Carolina. How may whatever that one witness described as a "non-event" and that may well be achieved with a simple conversation in the hallway, be whatever thing as critical as a lawsuit? The jury in my case turned into not ever allowed to make a decision. furthermore, my donation turned into simplest in keeping with North Carolina assurance Commissioner Mike Causey’s aggressive and repeated calls for for campaign support. Mr. Causey again and again demanded huge donations, pointing out "hell, I’m the assurance commissioner," and asking, "what’s in it for me?" bear in mind, Mike Causey is the one who was regulating my coverage agencies. here is the equal Mike Causey who in response to basic questions about the stand spoke of "I do not keep in mind" over one hundred instances and perjured himself right through trial. in reality, Causey initiated the total case against me by way of lying to the FBI (and in consequence to the courtroom), announcing in late 2017 that he had obtained and again a $one hundred ten,000 donation from me. The fact? No such donation changed into bought or passed off, as Joyce Kohn testified in court docket. Causey lied below oath in courtroom, denying the undeniable fact that he turned into the one who demanded the key conferences with me. The FBI agents who watched his testimony knew he become now not telling the reality. however no longer a peep out of them about Causey perjuring himself. Causey also lied in courtroom about the indisputable fact that he changed into the one who demanded a private check from me – which I refused to provide him. again, if i used to be attempting to bribe the guy, why would I refuse to supply him a personal examine? Causey lied to the courtroom claiming that he became "not conscious" of me all the way through the 2016 election – youngsters that my donations to Causey’s opponent have been outlined in the very equal articles where Causey himself turned into quoted. Causey additionally lied to the court when he denied he was passionate about learning me at all hours of the day and nighttime – regardless of evidence that he had over 1,a hundred communications with the FBI as part of his efforts to result in the FBI to examine me. Causey lied to the court about his retaliatory explanations even when confronted with a textual content that he sent to the FBI gleefully reporting that "issues are closing in on Greg Lindberg." Causey also lied in court docket and to the FBI about caring about donations from house owners of companies he regulates. at the identical time Causey became supposedly concerned about alleged donations from me, Causey got massive donations from the owners of other insurers like traders Title, as well as enormous donations from the political motion committees for a lot of different North Carolina insurers. Causey additionally testified in a deposition in October of 2017 that he did not locate it inappropriate to acquire huge donations from businesses he regulates – the contrary of what he pointed out under oath in the trial. The base line is that Causey wasn’t worried about donations from me…he turned into concerned about the possibility that I posed to his 2020 re-election campaign. It changed into bias pure and simple. Story continues Causey additionally lied on his state ethics varieties about his transforming into volume of debt. lying on state ethics varieties is additionally a criminal, is it now not? Causey lied to the FBI and the govt telling them one of my biggest assets become "worthless" – regardless of a lot of audits, valuations, and an audited personal financial statement, all of which become provided to aid the asset’s $900 million+ value. The FBI, the media and others accepted Causey’s lies at face value. These lies have can charge our corporations lots of of tens of millions of greenbacks in losses. really, a contemporary final draft valuation file organized by way of a smartly-identified national valuation firm discovered that my assets have been between $860 million and $1.forty six billion in extra of liabilities on a fair market value basis as of December 31, 2019. These web worth numbers are internet of all liabilities owed by way of world growth organizations to affiliated insurers and to third-party lenders. This means that the loans from our affiliated insurers to global growth corporations are very smartly secured. notice that the above asset values are additionally internet of the greater than $four hundred million in damages that false statements have inflicted on the global growth corporations. The global boom community of corporations has filed a lawsuit in Federal court docket in opposition t Mike Causey and the North Carolina branch of coverage to recover these damages. I have spoke of from the onset that this case changed into retribution by Mike Causey for my help of his opponent in the remaining election, Wayne Goodwin. only one instance: the textual content from Causey to the FBI on the remaining day of the FBI investigation that became read within the courtroom entitled: "the way to make [people] your bitches." The lead FBI agent admitted in court docket that he on no account investigated the explanations of Causey, together with why Causey became pushing so hard for the FBI to examine me. The agent spoke of he on no account afflicted to investigate public records showing that i used to be the greatest supporter of Causey’s opponent within the bitterly contested 2016 election. I Relied On A crew of Advisors Who pointed out "There turned into Nothing wrong With It" Robin Hayes – who bought probation during this case – pointed out on the tapes that "there was nothing wrong with" the donation. every person within the room become seeking to him for counsel on what was appropriate and incorrect. he’s a former Congressman with a long time of political journey and turned into chargeable for making the legal guidelines in the U.S. i attempted my most fulfilling perpetually to comply with the legislation. I known as my legal professional, I employed experienced political consultants, and i asked experienced politicians like Robin Hayes for guidance. I had no idea anything else became potentially flawed. I even emailed my legal professional when North Carolina assurance Commissioner Mike Causey asked for a experience on my plane – and my attorney talked about it became complex, so we decided not to do it. I even referred to as my legal professional when I met with Mr. Causey and he ordered me to hang up so my legal professional couldn’t see his attempt to entrap me. nobody—not my lawyers, now not Robin Hayes, no longer the consultants I had hired, not the FBI, no longer Mike Causey—ever gave me an easy one-be aware warning that there became anything amiss right here. definitely, Mike Causey congratulated me on doing "a very good job" answering "hardball questions" from regulators. This of path turned into certainly one of Mike Causey’s many lies designed to deceive me into falling victim to his entrapment scheme. can we really desire coverage regulators like Mike Causey intentionally deceiving regulated parties totally to entrap them and make them their "bitch"? Had anybody of these americans with a long time of political event given me simply an easy warning – or if Mike Causey had comfortably been sincere – none of this mess would have took place. i’d have stopped everything automatically with just the slightest warning. i’m a cautious and conscientious adult. we’ve compliance plans for nearly every little thing in our corporation. i thought I had employed the correct advisors who knew the law. I by no means asked for ANY Favors – How could That Be a criminal offense? I never asked for any favors. You may additionally have heard the tapes. I asked for stringent legislation and difficult regulatory scrutiny. How might that be a crime? How does democracy work in case you can’t ask your elected officers for "stringent legislation from an impartial regulator" as I did? The FBI spent eight months, a whole lot of hours, and revamped 107 makes an attempt to are attempting to entrap me here. In most jurisdictions international, this classification of aggressive entrapment by using legislation enforcement isn’t authorized. Why is such aggressive entrapment of legislations-abiding residents even allowed within the U.S.? observe that this bribery investigation started earlier than any alleged bribe took place. The investigation became began because Mike Causey lied to the FBI as part of his plan to make me his "bitch." except this case came alongside, i used to be a political neophyte. i used to be the least experienced grownup in the room. Mike Causey, Robin Hayes, John Palermo, and John grey all had many years of political event. How become I purported to understand that they had been guiding me potentially within the incorrect direction? Aren’t we presupposed to have confidence public officials like Mike Causey, a sworn legislation enforcement officer, to not deceive us about the law? Mr. Causey had enormous vigor over my organizations and nonetheless does so nowadays. What become I imagined to do when he aggressively and again and again demanded donations? We didn’t have a choice but to concede to his calls for. As we later found out, he forced my coverage groups into rehabilitation anyway in accordance with lies he told the Wall street Journal. My campaign Donations had been wholly legal On the last day of jury deliberations, the jury requested a question to the judge about predisposition that went unanswered. Had that query been answered, the jury would had been informed that facts beyond a reasonable doubt of predisposition to commit a crook act ought to be latest earlier than the involvement of govt agents who are searching for to entrap a person. There turned into no such evidence of predisposition here. My entirely criminal crusade donation of $5,000 to Mike Causey in April of 2017 turned into now not proof of predisposition readily because it was "big" or "early within the cycle." be aware that Mike Causey acquired two $5,000 donations simply 5 days after being sworn into office – and a full 4 months before I gave him a $5,000 donation. once again, I in no way requested for fee raises or favorable treatment of any kind. instead the facts suggests I requested for stringent and rigorous regulation. Even the prosecution admitted in courtroom that the file transfer that i used to be requesting was "decent for the state of North Carolina." My ask for a file switch to a more able regulator changed into completely in decent faith and turned into the neatest thing for policyholders. I even have all the time achieved what’s foremost for policyholders. Causey, by using inserting politics into law, has harm policyholders. When the FBI confirmed up at my office, I met with them without a legal professional for over three hours. I had a attorney right down the hall I might have referred to as in. If i assumed I had done the rest incorrect, do you think i would have spent 3 hours with the FBI without a lawyer? I needless to say many see campaign finance as a damaged equipment. I did not create the device. I did not rule on citizens United. and i did not offer Causey any donations beyond a completely prison $5,000 donation made in April 2017 unless he aggressively and again and again demanded such donations. i’m hoping you discovered this suggestions of pastime. i’m grateful for every one of you and i am grateful on your persisted guide. i’ll under no circumstances forget it. For extra Greg Lindberg information please seek advice from: related hyperlinks: View source edition on Contacts Media Contact:Sitrick And CompanyStuart Pfeifer, orRich Wilner, Intel, automakers ask FTC to fight Qualcomm’s a success attraction A federal appeals courtroom currently sided with Qualcomm ending a years-lengthy battle over patent licensing practices, however a cohort of groups on Monday asked the Federal trade fee to keep its combat against the chip large alive. Twenty-one businesses, including Intel and MediaTek, alternate groups, and automakers Ford, Honda, and Tesla, among others despatched a letter (PDF) to the FTC urging it to are trying to find an “en banc” rehearing of the appeal panel’s August eleven decision in want of Qualcomm. The neighborhood asserts that the resolution undermines the role of necessities in facilitating competitors, and will “destabilize the requisites ecosystem via encouraging the abuse of market vigor received via collaborative usual-surroundings.” Like this story? Subscribe to FierceWireless! The wireless business is an ever-changing world the place huge ideas come along every day. Our subscribers rely on FierceWireless as their have to-read source for the latest news, evaluation and statistics on this increasingly competitive industry. sign in today to get wireless information and updates brought to your inbox and read on the go. related: Qualcomm prevails in appeals court docket antitrust ruling Reached through a three-decide Ninth Circuit Appeals court panel, the August ruling changed into an important win for Qualcomm and reversed a might also 2019 determination by way of District courtroom decide Lucy Koh. choose Koh had sided with the FTC and located that Qualcomm violated competitors laws concerning licensing practices, charging high patent royalties that “strangled competitors.” The San Diego-based mostly enterprise would were pressured to renegotiate licensing agreements and license know-how patents to rival chipmakers. The appeals panel, despite the fact, decided Qualcomm’s follow of not selling chips to any handset maker that didn’t license its patents wasn’t the same as putting an unlawful surcharge on chipsets from competitors. Qualcomm also doesn’t need to negotiate new licensing offers. “If it becomes precedent, this choice would endanger home competitiveness, as well as weaken the potential of the FTC to offer protection to patrons via future enforcement actions,” the letter stated. foreign entities may refuse to license regular fundamental patents (SEPs) to U.S. competitors, the community brought. while Qualcomm makes cash accumulating royalties, the company also pumps a large volume of dollars into technology R&D. CCS insight’s Geoff Blaber, in a July column for Fierce, pointed out that Qualcomm spends round 20% yearly on its R&D finances. MediaTek and Intel compete within the chip house, notwithstanding Intel exited the 5G smartphone modem company in 2019 after Qualcomm and Apple settled all litigation between each and every different of their personal related disputes. RELATD: Qualcomm resources C-V2X tech for deployment in Hawaii besides smartphones, Qualcomm is also worried in establishing new cellular automobile to every thing (C-V2X) tech. It presents its 9150 C-V2X chipset and Snapdragon automotive systems for 4G and 5G. based on Bloomberg legislation, the FTC has until Sept. 25 to request a rehearing by way of the total Ninth Circuit. Letter: Heartening headquartered in 1962, the Clatsop community school groundwork has been aiding college students attending CCC with scholarships and, for the past a number of years, additional support for special tasks to assist in different areas as smartly. Our annual Arts and Experiences auction and Dinner fundraising event needed to be canceled this yr. We acquired, and had been able to retain, $32,585 in sponsorships. here’s about one-third of the cash continuously raised. The ultimate two-thirds, money from the auction and the "particular enchantment," turned into long past. The special appeal this 12 months became to help other scholar needs reminiscent of meals and housing insecurities, homelessness and different standard wants that influence their college success. The basis dependent a web campaign in July to in shape the sponsorship donation for this pupil wants funding. How completely happy we are that donations surpassed $54,000. mixed, over $87,000 changed into raised, all of with a view to go to aid CCC students. At our July groundwork board meeting, we accredited for this fall time period a request to supply $20,000 to our Emergency scholar wants Fund and a $7,000 request to establish a scholar food pantry. The last dollars will be used for future wants. in this time of major sacrifices, stress and uncertainty, it’s heartening to understand that people in fact do care about each other. The CCC foundation, the faculty and its college students admire the help of this group, given in the past, and particularly now. thank you. GERRY SWENSON CCC basis Board Member.

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