September 25, 2022
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Success Fee Agreement Template

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Please name 800-452-7570 to improve your subscription. EfTEN real property FUND III AS observe CALLING THE ANNUAL general meeting OF SHAREHOLDERS The administration Board of EfTEN actual estate Fund III AS (registry code 12864036; seat Tallinn, A. Lauteri 5) calls an annual commonplace assembly of shareholders on 24 March 2020 at 10:00. Venue of the accepted meeting: Radisson Blu Sky inn 2d ground conference centre hall “Hansa”, address Tallinn, Rävala pst 3. The registration of participants of the familiar meeting starts at 09:00 on 24 March 2020 at the venue of the meeting. The registration ends at 10:00. If feasible, we request that all shareholders arrive in time because the time required to register the participants of the meeting. The list of shareholders who will probably be entitled to participate in the annual generic meeting shall be mounted seven days in advance of the date of the regularly occurring meeting, i.e. on 17 March 2020 as at the end of the working day of the registrar of the contract device of the fund’s securities. Pursuant to the decision of the Supervisory Board of EfTEN actual property Fund III AS, the annual well-known meeting can have here agenda in conjunction with proposals of the Supervisory Board to the shareholders: item 1: administration Board’s overview of the fund’s actions The management Board shall provide an outline of the activities of EfTEN real estate Fund III AS. The referred to item is for informational functions best. item 2: Approval of the 2019 annual reportProposal of the Supervisory Board: To approve the 2019 annual document of EfTEN precise estate Fund III AS as offered to the time-honored meeting. merchandise 3: Distribution of profitProposal of the Supervisory Board: The consolidated internet profit of the 2019 financial yr of the fund is EUR 7,737 thousand. To distribute the undistributed earnings as at 31 December 2019 in the total amount of EUR 18,352 thousand as follows: Transfers to the reserve capital: EUR 386,852;profit to be dispensed between the shareholders (internet dividend): EUR 3,464,939 (EUR 0.82 per share);Transfers to different reserves shall not be made and earnings shall no longer be used for another purposes. amount of undistributed income after transfers is EUR 14,500 thousand. The record of shareholders entitled to dividends will likely be mounted on 8 April 2020 as on the conclusion of the working day of the registrar of the agreement gadget of the fund’s securities. hence, the date of alternate within the rights attaching to shares (ex-date) is 7 April 2020. As of this date an individual who bought shares is not entitled to dividends for the 2019 monetary 12 months. Dividend will likely be paid to the shareholders on 10 April 2020 by means of financial institution switch to the shareholder’s checking account. merchandise four: Approval of the merger agreement EfTEN Kinnisvarafond AS and EfTEN real property Fund III AS concluded on 14 January 2020 a merger contract. The merger has been permitted by means of the depositaries of both funds. Rights and responsibilities arise below the merger contract simplest after the merger settlement has been accredited via the commonplace meeting of the shareholders of each money. The completion of the merger is field to the authorisation from the fiscal Supervision Authority, for which the fund manager has submitted an utility to the monetary Supervision Authority.concept of the Supervisory Board: To approve the merger settlement concluded on 14 January 2020 between EfTEN true property Fund III AS and EfTEN Kinnisvarafond AS. merchandise 5: change of the company identify and the articles of associationIn the direction of the merger, the enterprise identify of EfTEN actual property Fund III AS can be amended, and the fund shall proceed operations below the enterprise name EfTEN precise property Fund AS. to be able to amend the business name, the articles of association of EfTEN actual property Fund III AS will must be amended as neatly. in addition, the administration Board of the fund has, together with the fund supervisor, reviewed the different provisions of the articles of affiliation. The revised articles of affiliation encompass an change to the business identify and updates to provisions, which the fund is required to amend by way of virtue of amendments to prison acts, or which introduce corrections or amendments to the articles of association which don’t have an effect on the rights and obligations of the shareholders. in addition, the provision regulating the success fee payable to the fund manager has been distinct in the articles of association and a optimum price of success charge per monetary 12 months has been determined, which is favourable to the shareholders. spoke of amendments to the articles of association would not have to be approved through the fiscal Supervision Authority in accordance with § 37 (3) element 1 of the investment funds Act. The fund supervisor has counseled the monetary Supervision Authority of the proposed amendments. concept of the Supervisory Board: To approve EfTEN precise estate Fund AS because the new company identify and to approve the new articles of association as offered to the common assembly. merchandise 6: raise of share capital and record of new shares on the leading list of Nasdaq Tallinn stock ExchangeIn order to carry out the merger, the proportion capital of EfTEN actual estate Fund III AS as an buying fund will probably be elevated on the account of the totality of the assets of EfTEN Kinnisvarafond AS to be transferred to EfTEN real estate Fund III AS. The extent of the enhance of share capital as well because the number of shares to be issued upon the enhance will be calculated on the groundwork of the formulation specified in clause 6.4.1 of the merger agreement as on the day preceding the balance sheet day of the merger (i.e. 1 April 2020), i.e. on the foundation of the stability sheet figures as at 31 March 2020, which date is later than the date of the typical assembly and therefore the enhance of the share capital will be delegated to the Supervisory Board. concept of the Supervisory Board: To delegate to the competence of the Supervisory Board, according to the law and articles of affiliation of the fund, the selecting the enhance of share capital in response to the principles designated in the merger agreement concluded on 14 January 2020 within a 3-month duration following this customary meeting and to publish an software for the record and admission to buying and selling of all newly-issued shares on the leading checklist of Nasdaq Tallinn inventory trade. To authorise the Supervisory Board and the management Board of the fund to perform all actions and conclude all agreements necessary for this purpose. item 7: Extension of the authorisations of the contributors of the Supervisory Board The authorisations of the members of the Supervisory Board shall terminate on 6 may additionally 2020. The individuals of the Supervisory Board have consented to the extension of their authorisations. Cooperation to date between the fund’s management Board, the fund manager and the Supervisory Board has been close and intensely decent. concept of the Supervisory Board: To prolong the authorisations of the individuals of the Supervisory Board Arti Arakas, Sander Rebane, Siive Penu and Olav Miil for the next 5 years from their termination, i.e. until 6 may 2025. additional organisational information: files regarding the usual assembly, incl. the 2019 annual document of the fund, file of the sworn auditor, income distribution proposal, record of the Supervisory Board, draft of the articles of affiliation, merger contract, merging dollars’ annual studies for the ultimate three financial years, approval from the depositary, draft resolutions of the administration Board and any other suggestions area to the statutory disclosure requirement are available for examination on the webpage of the fund and except the date (incl.) of the customary meeting, on the premises of the fund (tackle A. Lauteri 5, 10114 Tallinn, 3rd floor) on working days from 09:00 unless 16:00. Questions with recognize to the matters on the agenda of the time-honored assembly can be submitted via electronic mail address: or by means of mail to the address of the fund (Tallinn 10114, A. Lauteri 5) or by way of mobile by way of calling + 372 655 9515. Questions, solutions, shareholders’ proposals with recognize to the concerns on the agenda and the minutes of the generic meeting will probably be posted on the webpage of EfTEN true property Fund III AS The fund doesn’t give a chance for electronic participation in the time-honored meeting or vote casting using electronic capability or through mail. We request to publish the following to register the individuals of the generic meeting: – in case of a shareholder who’s a natural person, an identity doc. A consultant of a shareholder shall additionally latest an influence of attorney in written form. – in case of a shareholder who is a prison grownup, an extract from the registry the place the prison person is registered, which proves the authorisation of the consultant to represent the felony person (appropriate of representation coming up from legislations) and an identity document of the representative. In case the consultant isn’t a prison representative of the prison adult, a valid energy of lawyer shall even be required. the place required through applicable legislations, documents touching on a criminal grownup registered in a overseas country are requested to be legalized or duly apostilled. documents in foreign language are requested to be accompanied by way of a translation into Estonian through a sworn translator. at the customary meeting, a shareholder is entitled to receive assistance from the management Board on the activities of the fund. The management Board can also make a decision to withhold assistance if there is a cause to accept as true with that the disclosure of advice may cause colossal harm to the pursuits of the public confined business. If the administration Board refuses to disclose information, the shareholder may also demand from the everyday meeting to undertake a decision concerning the lawfulness of the assistance request or to file, inside two weeks, a petition to a court docket by the use of complaints on petition with the intention to obligate the administration Board to give counsel. The shareholders whose shares characterize at least 1/20 of the proportion capital may also request for extra items to be protected on the agenda of the established meeting, if the respective request is submitted in writing at least 15 days previous to the popular assembly to the handle EfTEN actual estate Fund III AS, A. Lauteri 5, 10114 Tallinn. The shareholders whose shares symbolize at least 1/20 of the proportion capital may also existing a draft resolution in appreciate of every item on the agenda in writing no later than three days prior to the established meeting to the handle EfTEN actual estate Fund III AS, A. Lauteri 5, 10114 Tallinn. ahead of the general assembly, the shareholder may additionally notify of the appointment of a consultant or the revocation of the consultant’s authority by means of sending a digitally signed word to the email handle or by offering the signed files in person on working days between 09:00 to sixteen:00 to EfTEN precise estate Fund III AS at A. Lauteri 5, 10114 Tallinn at the latest by 23 March 2020. In case a shareholder needs to use the template of energy of attorney upon appointment of a representative, the respective template is attainable on the webpage of EfTEN precise estate Fund III AS Viljar ArakasMember of the administration BoardTel: 655 9515E-mail:
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