Simple Traditional Stained Glass Panels From Period Home Style
Simple Traditional Stained Glass Panels From Period Home Style from


Stained glass has been a popular form of art for centuries. It is known for its vibrant colors and intricate designs. Creating stained glass patterns can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, there are simple stained glass patterns that you can try. In this article, we will explore some easy patterns that you can use to create beautiful stained glass pieces.

1. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are a great starting point for beginners. They are simple and can be easily replicated. Try creating stained glass patterns using squares, circles, triangles, or diamonds. Experiment with different combinations and colors to create unique designs.

2. Nature Inspired

Nature is a common theme in stained glass art. Create patterns inspired by flowers, leaves, or animals. You can find templates online or create your own designs. Use different shades of green, brown, and other earthy tones to bring your nature-inspired stained glass pattern to life.

3. Abstract Designs

If you prefer a more contemporary look, try creating abstract stained glass patterns. Abstract designs can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Use bold and contrasting colors to make your design stand out.

4. Celtic Knots

Celtic knots are a popular choice for stained glass patterns. They are characterized by their intricate interwoven designs. Celtic knots can be challenging to create, but the end result is worth it. Use different colors to highlight the different sections of the knot.

5. Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic patterns are another simple option for stained glass. They involve using small pieces of glass to create a larger design. You can create mosaic patterns using different shapes and colors. Play around with different combinations to create a unique mosaic stained glass piece.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I get started with stained glass patterns?

To get started with stained glass patterns, you will need some basic supplies such as glass, glass cutter, soldering iron, and a pattern/template. Start with simple patterns and gradually move on to more complex designs as you gain experience.

2. Where can I find simple stained glass patterns?

You can find simple stained glass patterns online, in books, or at your local craft store. There are also websites and forums dedicated to stained glass art where you can find patterns shared by other artists.

3. What types of glass can I use for stained glass patterns?

There are various types of glass that you can use for stained glass patterns. Some common options include stained glass, opalescent glass, and cathedral glass. Experiment with different types to see which one you prefer working with.

4. How do I cut glass for stained glass patterns?

To cut glass for stained glass patterns, you will need a glass cutter. Score the glass along the desired line and then snap it along the score line. Practice on scrap glass before cutting your actual stained glass pieces.

5. What techniques can I use to assemble stained glass patterns?

There are various techniques that you can use to assemble stained glass patterns. The most common technique is called copper foiling, where copper foil is wrapped around the edges of the glass pieces and then soldered together. Another technique is called lead came, where lead strips are used to hold the glass pieces together.

6. How can I add color to my stained glass patterns?

You can add color to your stained glass patterns by using different types of glass, such as colored or textured glass. You can also use glass paints or stains to add color to the glass pieces before assembling them.

7. How do I clean and maintain stained glass pieces?

To clean stained glass pieces, use a soft cloth and a mild glass cleaner. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that can damage the glass. Regularly inspect your stained glass pieces for any signs of damage or loose solder and repair them as needed.

8. Can I sell my stained glass pieces?

Yes, you can sell your stained glass pieces if you wish. You can set up an online shop, participate in craft fairs, or approach local galleries to showcase and sell your work. Make sure to price your pieces appropriately to cover your time, materials, and overhead costs.

9. Are there any safety precautions I should take when working with stained glass?

Yes, it is important to take safety precautions when working with stained glass. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from glass shards, and use gloves to protect your hands. Work in a well-ventilated area and follow the instructions for any chemicals or tools that you use.

10. Can I create my own stained glass patterns?

Absolutely! Many stained glass artists create their own patterns. Start by sketching your design on paper and then transfer it to a pattern/template. Experiment with different shapes, colors, and sizes to create unique and personalized stained glass patterns.


Creating stained glass patterns is a wonderful way to express your creativity and create beautiful works of art. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, there are simple patterns that you can try. Start with geometric shapes or nature-inspired designs and gradually move on to more complex patterns. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of creating your own stained glass masterpiece.


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