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solar life monetary incapacity assurance I became disabled in 2014 after years of back surgical procedures and an autoimmune disease. solar lifestyles authorized my STD, and in consequence my LTD and offered the Advocator group to tackle my Social protection declare. After I received my SS, sun existence acquired the whole back pay award and adjusted my improvement… sun lifestyles begun to harass me after I won social security and even adopted me and had an investigator question my neighbors. They tried to low ball me on a agreement (intimidation strategies) and i stated no as a result of I knew that my backbone changed into getting worse and that i deserve the whole improvement payable except age 65. They kicked me off at age 60. They then used social media in opposition t me, the usage of historical photographs and movies (my husband had no longer made his FB account inner most) as if they have been present (they had been previous to my disability leave). sun existence tried to lie about my disabilty after their medical professional reviewed my files for 30 seconds and determined that I may work full time because i use social media. (No pictures displaying anything else physical because I cannot). I appealed and proved my disability. besides the fact that children, these people are so shady that they looked at my budget and are contesting that I owe them or we are "even" as a result of I took a large distribution from my retirement twice, as soon as in 2017 after a twister hit us and in 2019 (to pay my residence off after they kicked me off in July of 2019). in the teeny fine print it states that you just cannot get a retirement benefit from a pension. I didn’t have a pension. I even have a 401K that I paid into. After two enchantment intervals they nonetheless denied me (2d on the withdrawal-not medical) and now my lawyer is submitting for courtroom to value my case and settle. This has made me much more sick, have extra pain however I still use social media as a result of i can’t let this company wreck my entire life. They cut me off of 2/three of my revenue. If I might work, i’d be at my very high paying job!!! i’d in no way have left my career but I can’t stand for any size of time, nor take a seat for more than 1 -1/2 hours… i am in chronic consistent ache for which i’m on ache meds. I actually have flare u.s.of an autoimmune that looks like a horrible flu however’s not. i am not reliable and for this reason can not dangle a full time job. this is an enterprising business and will use anything else at their disposal, together with following you, flying a drone over your property, investigate you like you are some form of criminal and harass you. here is a really sad state of affairs for the disabled. It is inaccurate to be handled as a criminal and with so little regard for a disabled person’s handiest potential of artistic outlet, social media. I undergo from PTDS on account of caring that this business become having me adopted. I infrequently left the condominium before the pandemic! anything else you do can be used in opposition t you, besides the fact that it is lifting whatever thing out of the limit because you haven’t any one else to support! Shady -grifters IMHO. courtroom rejects Texas Democrats’ bid to extend mail-in balloting to more youthful voters A Texas legislations denying mail-in ballots to most voters under age sixty five doesn’t violate the constitution, even in the middle of a dangerous pandemic, a federal appeals court stated. Ruling 2-1, the fifth U.S. Circuit courtroom of Appeals rejected a problem through Texas Democrats, who argued that the age limit on mail-in ballots ran afoul of the 26th change. Ratified in 1971, the change reduced the voting age from 21 to 18, declaring that the right to vote can not be denied or abridged "by using any State as a consequence of age" for these 18 and older. Texas Democrats claimed the amendment prohibits legal guidelines that deal with voters otherwise in accordance with their age, just as in a similar fashion worded amendments barred disparate treatment of americans in keeping with race and gender. however a divided fifth Circuit court docket panel dominated Thursday night that the modification says the right to vote can’t be "abridged" as a result of age — a limit that applies to legal guidelines that create a barrier to vote casting. When Texas prolonged absentee voting to these 65 and older in 1975, the law didn’t make it any tougher for younger voters to solid a ballot, judge Leslie Southwick wrote for the majority. "A legislations that makes it less demanding for others to vote doesn’t abridge any adult’s appropriate to vote for the applications of the twenty sixth change," Southwick wrote. choose disagrees Writing in dissent, choose Carl Stewart pointed out the Texas law certainly discriminates in line with age. within the pandemic, the Texas law "results in dramatically diverse effects for different age corporations," observed Stewart, who become appointed via a Democratic president. "with the aid of giving younger voters fewer options, chiefly within the context of a dangerous pandemic where in-grownup vote casting is risky to public fitness and protection, their voting rights are abridged with regards to older voters who do not face this burden," Stewart wrote. Southwick noted Texas officials have taken precautions to enhance the defense of in-person vote casting, however he stated that "none of them guarantees insurance plan." "There are reasonably competitively priced considerations about balloting in grownup, however the state’s mandating that many citizens proceed to vote in that approach does not amount to an absolute prohibition of the appropriate to vote," he spoke of. Southwick, appointed by a Republican president, turned into joined in the majority with the aid of judge Carolyn Dineen King, a Democratic appointee. Thursday’s ruling voided an injunction, issued can also 19 by using U.S. District choose Fred Biery, that gave each Texas voter the option of casting a ballot by mail all through the pandemic. Texas officers automatically appealed, and Biery’s ruling was positioned on dangle while the appeal continued. Biery’s work isn’t carried out yet, despite the fact. The appeals court docket lower back the case to his court with orders to tackle spectacular issues, together with whether the Texas restrictions on mail-in vote casting violate equal coverage ensures. Texas limits vote via mail moreover enabling these 65 and older to vote by mail, Texas legislations limits absentee balloting to these with a incapacity, these in jail and voters who’re touring. Texas attorney generic Ken Paxton argued that the limitations were moderately established via the Legislature to favor in-adult voting, which offers stronger protection towards election fraud. "i’m completely satisfied that the fifth Circuit correctly upheld Texas’s vote-by way of-mail legal guidelines, and i commend the courtroom for concluding that Texas’s determination to permit aged voters to vote by using mail does not violate the 26th modification," he noted. Democrats, arguing that Texans will not have to choose between holding their fitness and exercising their correct to vote, filed state and federal proceedings arguing that the lack of immunity to the coronavirus became a disability that gave all voters entry to a mail-in ballot. within the state lawsuit, an Austin state District court docket choose agreed with the Democrats but became overruled by means of the Texas Supreme court, which mentioned the law’s definition of incapacity applies to a "ailment or actual circumstance," not a generalized worry of contracting a plague. The Democrats’ federal lawsuit also superior the immunity argument however added that the Texas limits on mail-in vote casting infringed on free speech and equal protection and amounted to age, race and language-minority discrimination. before the fifth Circuit court docket, Democrats pursued only the age discrimination claim. Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic celebration, mentioned that the appeals court docket returned the case to Biery for extra lawsuits. "The Texas Democratic celebration will proceed to combat within the District courtroom for each Texan to have an equal right to vote, regardless of their age," he pointed out. purposes to vote by using mail should be obtained at county election workplaces via Oct. 23, notwithstanding officials strongly urge voters to act plenty earlier to make certain entry to a mail-in ballot amid high demand. linked ruling Friday In a separate case, the fifth Circuit courtroom on Friday temporarily blocked a federal judge’s fresh ruling that ordered Texas officials to exchange the style mail-in ballots are rejected for signature violations. The short-time period stay changed into designed to provide the appellate judges time to examine even if U.S. District decide Orlando Garcia’s order should still be blocked unless an enchantment by Paxton is resolved. lawyers for civil rights and voting rights groups that challenged the signature checking system got until midday Monday to file a response. Garcia’s Tuesday order required election officials to give a voter the probability to relevant problems if a mail-in ballot is rejected as a result of their signature does not suit what looks on different documents. Mutual of Omaha disability coverage up to date on 04/23/2020: I wrote a previous assessment and was contacted by means of Mutual of Omaha who recommended me that they were going to do an impartial peer overview – not with previous experiences. I acquired my assessment and become still denied!!! humorous equal business did peer overview and that’s no longer biased? Why would a health care provider in identical business go towards what a outdated medical professional recommends. i’m now getting my Congresswoman concerned in addition to an legal professional and whoever else. i am additionally going to advocate for americans like me going through this. dwell away-they seem to disclaim! record says i will be able to work with restrained hours and with adjustments. company gained’t permit me returned without restrictions and if I could work, i might. complete waste of the agencies funds!!! in case you need to see my past evaluate it’s posted on right here as smartly and may soon be shared from the mountain tops. they’re twiddling with my lifestyles – i am being pressured to vacate my condominium on the thirtieth and am bodily unable to do so on my own and with COVID19 restrictions it’s extremely complex. common evaluation: employer presents MOO STD/LTD as a improvement – bought ill in January of 2019 and i opted to now not use the MOO Std benefit because the State I reside in has their own incapacity that we pay into as neatly and it paid out at a higher expense. turned into ailing and out and in of the sanatorium and actually at Dr.’s as a minimum as soon as a week – finally changed into referred to a Rheumatologist in June and prescribed excessive dose ** as I had a rash, muscle weakness, mouth ulcers, memory loss joint pain – complete exhaustion, shortness of breath and 1,000,000 other issues. Had some testing finished however i was already on the ** but my healthcare professional noticed and knew how sick i was and observed that I actually have an autoimmune problem with a crossover of Dermatomyositis & Lupus. I also had a lyme examine come lower back effective as smartly so she counseled I see an Infectious sickness dr. earlier than I might get in I had a enormous GI bleed and literally well-nigh misplaced my life in July – ICU , blood transfusions, you identify it. while within the sanatorium i was told I actually have hypogammaglobulinemia which is in fact that I have no immune gadget to fight diseases which defined why I actually have been in poor health with every little thing the wind blows round and additionally became informed I actually have Lyme ailment. Had further testing and once again because i was on quite a lot of drugs the epidermis biopsy referred to viable Lupus/Dermatomyositis however biopsy may still be repeated when i’m off medicines for accurate diagnosis. i was accepted for LTD – I even have a picc line and am receiving treatment for all the above and going to the Dr.’s is a full time job. i am unable to drive and there are days I cannot stroll and all of my joints are affected and my muscles are very vulnerable. In January of 2020 i used to be instructed that my merits were ending in February as i am self reporting my symptoms and CDC instructions state Lyme medicine is 30 days and that i may still be superior and didn’t appreciate the autoimmune concerns. No my infectious disease health practitioner sent a lengthy letter and all of my records, bloodwork indicators and many others. – my file was despatched for overview to a MOO Dr. who on no account saw me and mentioned that my position is sedentary and i should still be able to return to work. Now I have 3 Dr.’s all telling me I can not work and that i am very unwell and have supplied medical doctors. i’m within the system of obtaining a legal professional to file my enchantment and requested the files that were in my file at MOO-basically it stated that i’m being somatic and definitely making issues up and need psych evaluation. again, I actually have a picc and am on antibiotics and do treatments three-4 hours a day daily. i’m on many medications that most people would no longer are looking to take however I simply need to get more suitable!!! i will barely get away from bed without suggestions. Now my "sedentary" position is that i am a leasing agent at a 316 unit garden house community. My job is not sitting – I have to inventory fridges, stroll the property and exhibit residences and climb many flights of stairs daily. 9-10 hour days and a lot of miles of going for walks. I cannot stroll from my bed to the bathing room devoid of shortness of breath. I developed a frozen shoulder in December and was advised that it isn’t lyme connected and my 2 physicians brought up it’s and it is additionally in the shoulder appropriate above where my picc line is. additionally, said a heart specialist as the lyme has attacked my heart. I contacted MOO and advised that all the assessments that I need to do to support my claim are to be done within the hospital and with COVID and my lack of immune device i am going to have to look ahead to these assessments. offered the docs from Dr.’s mentioning the tests essential and that they may care less – pointed out to send the records and attraction when I have all my tests achieved. this is my most effective source of revenue and am a single mother and still have ZERO revenue through no fault of my own. My motor vehicle that I can not drive per dr.’s order goes to be repossessed and am trying to work out a way to movement out of my condominium and in with family however I won’t have the physical ability to pack or to rent anybody to help me. once again – reached out to MOO to look in the event that they had any plans in location for americans waiting on checking out as a result of corona virus and i was in reality discarded. avoid MOO in any respect costs in case you need to – they work against you and not for you. i am not a faker, i love my job and am working toward getting more desirable in order that i will lead a productive life and feel as even though they are Closed minded – sedentary position – carrying cases of soda, stocking refrigerators – filling the water cooler with 5 lb jug of water each day. i’m at the bottom of the barrel and the kicker is my enterprise will not allow me to come to work with any restrictions and my physicians will no longer clear me. i wanted to cease medication and go returned however I cannot as they state that i’m VERY sick and i am now not making it up. I have people and dr.’s making a choice on my destiny who have not examined me!! This manner is awful and once more trying to coordinating whereas i am so unwell and barely functioning. this is a travesty and that i am going to shout it from the rooftops to anyone i will and am additionally searching into submitting a lawsuit as smartly – I have nothing to lose considering that i am within the system of losing everything already..

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