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SCP Containment Breach is a popular horror game that revolves around the SCP Foundation, a secretive organization dedicated to containing and researching anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena. The game features a wide range of terrifying monsters that players must encounter and avoid as they navigate through the facility. In this article, we will explore some of the most notable SCP Containment Breach monsters and their terrifying abilities.

The SCP-173: The Sculpture

One of the most iconic and feared monsters in SCP Containment Breach is SCP-173, also known as “The Sculpture”. SCP-173 resembles a crude, concrete sculpture of a humanoid figure. It remains immobile as long as someone maintains direct eye contact with it. However, the moment eye contact is broken, SCP-173 will move at an incredibly fast speed, often snapping the necks of its victims. The key to surviving encounters with SCP-173 is to never blink or look away, as this gives it the opportunity to strike.

The SCP-106: The Old Man

SCP-106, also known as “The Old Man”, is a malevolent entity that can pass through walls and floors. It appears as a decaying old man, with a hunched posture and sharp claws. SCP-106 has the ability to teleport to its prey and drag them into its pocket dimension, where it tortures them for an indefinite amount of time. To evade SCP-106, players must run away and hide in designated “pocket dimension shelters” until it loses interest and disappears.

The SCP-096: The Shy Guy

SCP-096, nicknamed “The Shy Guy”, is an incredibly dangerous humanoid creature that is normally docile until someone views its face. Once a person sees SCP-096’s face, it will enter a state of extreme distress and begin a frenzied pursuit of the person who viewed it. SCP-096 is known for its incredible speed and ability to track down its targets, no matter where they hide. The only way to survive an encounter with SCP-096 is to avoid looking at its face at all costs.

The SCP-049: The Plague Doctor

SCP-049, referred to as “The Plague Doctor”, is a humanoid entity dressed in a traditional plague doctor outfit. It believes that it can cure people of a fictional “pestilence” by killing them and turning them into undead creatures. SCP-049 will relentlessly chase anyone it deems infected and attempt to “cure” them. To avoid becoming a victim of SCP-049, players must outrun or outsmart it, as it possesses no supernatural abilities.

The SCP-096: The Radical Larry

SCP-106, also known as “The Radical Larry”, is a sentient and malicious entity that can pass through walls and surfaces. It appears as a tall, shadowy figure with glowing red eyes. SCP-106 has the unique ability to corrode matter it touches, making it extremely dangerous. It can also create “corrosion traps” to ensnare its victims. Players must be cautious and avoid getting too close to SCP-106, as it can easily overpower them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SCP Containment Breach Monsters:

1. Are the SCP Containment Breach monsters based on real creatures?

No, the monsters in SCP Containment Breach are fictional creations. They are part of the SCP Foundation’s extensive database of anomalous entities and objects.

2. Can you kill the SCP monsters in the game?

In most cases, players cannot kill the SCP monsters in SCP Containment Breach. The focus of the game is on survival and evasion rather than combat.

3. How can you avoid encounters with SCP-173?

To avoid encounters with SCP-173, players must maintain direct eye contact with it at all times. Blinking or looking away can lead to a deadly attack.

4. What happens if SCP-096 catches you?

If SCP-096 catches you after viewing its face, it will brutally kill you. There is no escape once SCP-096 has locked onto its target.

5. Are there any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that can be exploited against the SCP monsters?

In general, the SCP monsters in SCP Containment Breach do not have any specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Players must rely on their wit and agility to survive encounters.

6. How can you escape from SCP-106’s pocket dimension?

To escape from SCP-106’s pocket dimension, players must find and activate the femur breaker, which will release them back into the main facility.

7. Can SCP-049 actually cure people?

No, SCP-049’s belief in its ability to cure people is purely fictional. Its methods only result in the creation of undead creatures.

8. Are there any safe zones in SCP Containment Breach?

There are designated safe zones in SCP Containment Breach called “pocket dimension shelters” where players can hide from SCP-106 until it loses interest and disappears.

9. How can you outrun SCP-096?

Players can outrun SCP-096 by sprinting away from it and finding a hiding spot where they can avoid making eye contact with it.

10. Are there different difficulty levels in SCP Containment Breach?

Yes, SCP Containment Breach offers different difficulty levels that affect the behavior and aggression of the SCP monsters, making the game more challenging for experienced players.


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