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assignment administration office (PMO): benefits, Roles, and types of PMOs

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group of enterprise americans in a venture administration meeting

In a survey launched through Statista in November 2019, it became referred to that 48.15% of corporations worldwide have multiple task management offices (PMOs), 34.7% have one, 15.7% have none, and the final 1.4% don’t comprehend a way to reply the question. In a separate survey by way of the challenge administration Institute, "80% of champions have a PMO and seventy two% indicate there’s a high alignment of the EPMO [enterprise project management office] to organizational method." (Champions, during this context, are "organizations with eighty% or more of projects being achieved on time, on budget, meeting enterprise intent, and having high benefits realization maturity.") based on these numbers, it’s clear that many agencies recognize the magnitude of venture administration offices in venture success, however what exactly are they? Overview: what’s a mission management workplace (PMO)? A assignment administration workplace is an in-apartment group or branch answerable for establishing and protecting undertaking management requisites inside a firm. The aim is to increase typical productiveness throughout the company, produce high-quality project effects, and maximize return on funding. The services of a PMO team are particular to a company’s focal point, tradition, background, and organizational influences, but usual, their roles and duties consist of: • settling on challenge management optimum practices for you to steer mission groups within the appropriate route, especially when a challenge, task, or method isn’t turning out as anticipated • analyzing the needs of the business to identify the most becoming project management thoughts • Standardizing strategies so groups have a time-validated and proven plan of motion all through the task’s lifestyles cycle — from initiation to undertaking planning, from execution to closing • Reviewing similar past initiatives to come up with ways to enrich work efficiency • Facilitating enterprise-wide sharing of ideas, components, and undertaking management equipment so teams can comprehensive tasks on time, on budget, and inside the agreed-upon excellent parameters • Introducing repeatable, scalable processes for consistency and efficiency

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A flowchart showing an organizational structure with a PMO.

advantages of a fine undertaking administration workplace establishing an interior PMO from the floor up sounds straightforward enough. That doesn’t imply it’s easy — specially as a result of surroundings one up requires changing centered techniques and practices inside the enterprise. however once you’ve correctly built a PMO, the advantages are continually worth the trouble. 1. keep high-quality consistency The fundamental role of a PMO is to standardize challenge techniques (including terminology), which capacity it also assumes a QA-class role to be certain teams continually bring fine projects. This, of route, doesn’t suggest taking up the task manager’s position, however instead teaming up with them to discuss problems and options and, finally, produce deliverables that valued clientele and purchasers definitely need. 2. Streamline tactics perhaps one of the most essential purposes of a PMO is simplifying complicated workflows with the aid of eliminating useless or cumbersome steps. With simple, standardized techniques, blunders and delays are minimized. This reduces average time to market, which is an competencies, chiefly in case you operate in an ambiance that’s invariably disrupted through fast change. three. Have greater manage over initiatives no matter if it’s task management for small business, advertising, or construction, there are a myriad of issues to trust when engaged on a assignment: scope, useful resource allocation, time table, budget, risks, changing client expectations, supplier members of the family, mission monitoring, and the like. It’s no wonder assignment managers commonly suppose like they’re being pulled in a few distinctive instructions suddenly. With PMO requisites in place, there’s a crew and procedure that you could count number on for insights, expertise, and innovations to retain projects not off course. four. Centralize venture facts PMOs bring together statistics throughout departments and initiatives. They extract optimal practices from a hit initiatives and classes discovered from unsuccessful ones. They then make all these information and insights attainable to project managers to help them of their decision-making services. The capabilities of a challenge management office (PMO) different PMOs have distinctive jobs and duties, depending on the enterprise ambiance, the measurement of the corporation, and the methods and systems in use. but some of the core PMO services encompass: 1. Strategic planning PMOs supervise mission activities all over the corporation, which allow them to create PMO system plans that align with ordinary business objectives. This focuses task groups’ efforts, supplies, skill, and know-how towards achieving operational goals and solidifying the enterprise’s goal. 2. useful resource management initiatives lacking the right elements are doomed to fail, and a lot of businesses have confined substances. As such, aid management is essential for initiatives to reside on the right track and ensure that materials are maximized but no longer overallocated. PMOs create databases, methods, and programs for assigning venture supplies. They audit performances to establish any deficiencies and, in turn, enhance training courses to fill ability gaps. three. Mentoring and working towards As groups grow, the want for knowledgeable and qualified venture management specialists grows as well. more-skilled venture managers in senior roles can present teaching and mentoring assist particular to the technical facets of definite projects, but PMOs can give a full spectrum of assist that contains linking initiatives with the firm’s company requirements. four. mission assist PMOs offer related technical counsel that mission managers may need to make the correct choices for his or her tasks, reminiscent of combination planning, price range estimating, time table administration, procurement, the appropriate assignment management metrics to track, and so forth. They also provide help on project management utility and different related equipment so groups can use them to their abilities. The types of project administration places of work there are lots of PMO types or fashions, but a technique to classify PMOs is by way of gauging the level of influence and control they wield over a firm’s projects and teams. 1. Supportive PMO A supportive PMO has low manage over tasks. It maintains track of lessons learned for future endeavors and offers best practices, templates, practicing, coaching, and access to statistics and documentation on demand — a data repository, almost. This PMO category is surest for companies with a excessive success cost that handiest want a data middle for managing and distributing undertaking information throughout the company. 2. Controlling PMO A controlling PMO workouts average control over initiatives. It requires groups to adopt definite challenge management frameworks, forms, strategies, and guidelines. a daily audit or review can be vital to ensure compliance. This PMO classification works for groups that want specific venture methods and protocols followed. 3. Directive PMO A directive PMO workout routines full manage over initiatives. It manages venture execution, assigns elements, breaks down the venture’s requirements, and collaborates with undertaking managers, senior leaders, and other standard stakeholders so projects movement in line with plan. This PMO category is most excellent for tremendous companies with a lot of initiatives to make sure consistency across departments and teams. Does your enterprise want a PMO? To consider in case your business might advantage from a PMO, listed below are some questions to consider asking: • Are the diverse departments and segments of your company capable of work collectively? If not and that they’re nonetheless working in silos, then you definately could need a PMO. • Are your methodologies and strategies consistent throughout tasks? If not, you then may need a PMO to standardize this stuff throughout the business. • Are senior leaders, excellent executives, and key stakeholders chuffed with the way initiatives are managed and run? If no longer, a PMO can deliver counsel on highest quality practices and industry requirements for your next tasks. • Are you within the method of enforcing strategy changes inside the firm? in that case, you may need a PMO to deliver strategic path. • Do you consistently work on massive tasks with massive affect and investment? in case you do, you’re prone to improvement from the adventure and capabilities of a PMO. • Is project visibility a problem for your company? if it is, you could need a PMO to centralize information tracking and analysis, project performance monitoring, and resource administration. remaining note on PMOs if you’re managing numerous projects continuously as an organization or had been delivering too many failed tasks for one intent or a further, a task administration office can be a good idea in many ways. PMOs do greater than simply provide on-demand statistics and documentation help to challenge managers and their teams. They also coordinate with quite a lot of departments regarding the top-quality use of the organization’s elements, standardize techniques and techniques, offer tips on the most advantageous methodologies for selected tasks, facilitate inter-task communication to share premiere practice and instructions realized, and align assignment desires with the company’s typical pursuits. how to Dismantle White Supremacy A protester holds up a sign on the fourth straight day of Black Lives matter protests in ny metropolis. (Ron Adar / Sipa via AP images) thanks for signing up. For extra from The Nation, try our latest difficulty. Subscribe now for as little as $2 a month! guide progressive Journalism The Nation is reader supported: Chip in $10 or extra to aid us proceed to jot down in regards to the issues that count number. thank you for signing up. For extra from The Nation, check out our newest problem. shuttle With The Nation Be the first to hear about Nation Travels locations, and discover the area with kindred spirits. register for our Wine club nowadays. did you know that you may help The Nation by way of ingesting wine? a number of days after police lynched George Floyd, I, stuffed with grief, all started writing what became the op-ed “The problem Is White Supremacy.” I wrote because I obligatory to do whatever thing with my rage and pain. I wrote as a result of i was pissed off with public discussions about race that rarely outlined—not to mention examined—the basis explanation for this atrocity: white supremacy. advert policy The purpose these horrors proceed century after century is that the equipment of racial domination that risks individuals of color and privileges whites has not been damaged. The ruling type dismisses the subjugation, exploitation, and violence as a result of the unrestricted energy and disproportionate wealth that they gain as a result. After explaining within the Boston Globe that the nation’s racial quagmire does not influence from negative attitudes and the habits of “a couple of unhealthy apples” but is instead caused by means of this overarching gadget of oppression, I asked here question: What if we launched an initiative on the scale of the Marshall Plan or the space race to eradicate white supremacy? What if it had been led by consultants with the most targeted advantage of how white supremacy in tandem with racial capitalism operates, it’s, bad and working-category americans of color? What if these consultants partnered with researchers, advocates, and practitioners to deliver exhaustive documentation, evaluation, and complete recommendations for ending the scourge of white supremacy as soon as and for all? What if…? In a country the place hundreds of thousands deny the existence of systemic racism, including a cohort that enthusiastically supports white supremacy, it’s complicated to imagine any such plan’s being realized. it might be a huge fight, but one which would circulation the nation closer to being a useful democracy, freed from the fear and hypocrisy that poisons lifestyles on each side of the colour line. If roadblocks may well be put apart, how may one start this paradigm-shifting work? i would beginning via calling it the Hamer-Baker Plan. Fannie Lou Hamer and Ella Baker did as a great deal to conclusion white supremacy as any men and women who ever lived. It feels appropriate to evoke their legacies within the method of envisioning the completion of that project. The intention of the Marshall Plan became to rebuild European countries that had been decimated with the aid of World conflict II and to align them politically as US allies in the bloodless struggle. Its goals had been each financial and ideological, and the equal may still be true of the Hamer-Baker Plan, apart from that its ideological goal could be to consolidate justice, no longer energy and empire. since white supremacy permeates every side of life in the united states, the scope of the Hamer-Baker Plan would should be even more sweeping than the Marshall Plan. present challenge ‘; magazine_button_text_359977 = ”; magazine_button_url_359977 = ‘ mail-signup-module-donate/’; magazine_button_bg_color_359977 = ‘#ffcf0d’; else magazine_text_359977 = ‘ Subscribe these days and retailer as much as $129. ‘; magazine_button_text_359977 = ”; magazine_button_url_359977 = ‘’; magazine_button_bg_color_359977 = ‘#dd3333′; if( magazine_text_359977 !=” ) jQuery("#magazine_text_359977").html(magazine_text_359977); if( magazine_button_text_359977 !=” ) jQuery("#magazine_button_359977").html(magazine_button_text_359977); if( magazine_button_url_359977 !=” ) jQuery("#magazine_button_359977 a").attr("href",magazine_button_url_359977); if( magazine_button_bg_color_359977 !=” ) jQuery("#magazine_button_359977 a input").css("history",magazine_button_bg_color_359977); because racial capitalism has had such grievous repercussions for generations of americans of color, financial interventions would be at the forefront of this task. Eradicating poverty; eliminating the racial wealth hole; investing within the infrastructure of Black, brown, and Indigenous communities whose labor and herbal elements have been stolen; and guaranteeing full employment are one of the crucial movements that have to be taken to rectify centuries of economic exploitation. The cancellation of scholar mortgage and clinical debt, stricter sanctions in opposition t discriminatory lenders, a potential federal minimum wage, paid family unit go away, free first-class infant care, and pro-union labor legal guidelines are examples of guidelines that can address economic inequality. It additionally would make sense to discover reparations as a part of the plan’s financial agenda. Ending mass incarceration and shutting down the detention center industrial advanced would also go an extended method towards destroying white supremacy. reformatory abolition, defunding the police, and ensuring that all neighborhoods have the degree of materials that affluent communities take without any consideration are options that already exist. As i thought concerning the probabilities of the Hamer-Baker Plan, i spotted that there are already innovative thoughts that might be helpful in alleviating the day-to-day consequences of structural racism. here are some that come automatically to intellect. The Nurse-family unit Partnership pairs first time, low-earnings mothers with touring nurses who assist families get a in shape beginning and work towards economic balance. The Harlem little ones’s Zone presents wraparound classes for infants, from delivery via school, helping their families to overcome poverty and guaranteeing their tutorial success. remedy Violence (previously CeaseFire) uses a enormously beneficial public health model, including violence interrupters, to conclusion gun violence. The eco-friendly New Deal recognizes that environmental devastation disproportionately influences communities of colour and that interventions in these communities need to be a precedence. It also can be a supply of heaps of new infrastructure jobs. Medicare for All would handle racial fitness disparities because of the lack of entry to cost-effective exceptional fitness care. The severely disproportionate influence of Covid-19 upon communities of colour suggests the pressing deserve to establish health care as a human right. at present, initiatives that focal point on inequality in selected sectors like education, health care, and crook justice don’t seem to be aligned with one a different, are seldom dropped at scale in order that they have highest affect, and might no longer function with the conscious intention of challenging white supremacy. The Hamer-Baker Plan would shut these gaps and encourage built-in processes. for instance, if first-class education have been a precedence, there would be an knowing that reliable, least expensive housing, protected neighborhoods, entry to marvelous, reasonably priced health care, and minimal exposure to trauma are all crucial accessories of infants’s educational success. A holistic method may make it feasible for the united states to have a strong social security net for the primary time, benefiting americans of each heritage. The Hamer-Baker Plan would no longer most effective maximize the effectiveness of current initiatives, but would additionally function as a catalyst for imagining new how you can problem systemic racism. After analyzing my op-ed, a chum advised me that he become able to check in for the Anti–White Supremacy Peace Corps (his own theory), and introduced that his city might basically use some help. He become joking, however imagine if there were committed organizers fanning out throughout the nation to help communities figure out methods to rid their native colleges, courts, offices, hospitals, and houses of worship of entrenched white supremacy. it could be groundbreaking for Hamer-Baker to use an intersectional strategy based on the proven fact that misogyny and heteropatriarchy are critical to the functioning of white supremacy. The plan would always take gender, gender expression, and sexuality into consideration, and create options to handle the particular have an impact on of racism upon the lives of girls, transgender, and queer people of colour. new york’s Audre Lorde mission exemplifies this strategy. headquartered in 1994 as a neighborhood organizing middle for lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, two-spirit, trans, and gender-nonconforming americans of colour, it has been centrally worried in the fight against police brutality and in coalitions for racial, gender, social, and financial justice. related Article There are myriad paths that a Hamer-Baker Plan might take. It is way more convenient to think about what a plan to conclusion white supremacy could look like than it’s to think about the situations that would lead to a national consensus that this is what needs to be finished. There are more people than we care to admit who seem on the video of George Floyd pleading for his life and expect that he did anything to deserve being choked to dying while handcuffed. under three weeks after Floyd’s dying, police shot Rayshard Brooks in the again as he become operating away. After he fell to the ground, the officers kicked him and stood on his physique as he struggled for life. despite being shot eight instances, Breonna Taylor didn’t die automatically, however not one of the medically proficient officers at the scene made an effort to aid her. As a society, we’re an extended approach from committing to end this nightmare. Our job is to do every little thing feasible to make that day come sooner. a couple of assistance of a way to get us to a time when a Hamer-Baker Plan may turn into a reality: name the issue. start using the time period “systemic white supremacy” to describe the united states’s racial morass as an alternative of less incisive phrases that can also suppose extra relaxed. be aware the scope of the issue. read Black heritage. study in regards to the foreign impact of white supremacy reflected in US imperialism and militarism in non-European nations. study classic, non-contemporary Black authors anyway James Baldwin and Toni Morrison. study social science research that gives statistical documentation and analysis of the us’s rampant inequality. do not accept it when the vigor constitution’s response to this length of racial reckoning is platitudes and partial options. In 1968, the Kerner fee report on civil issues concluded that the basic reason behind city rebellions became white racism. that could have been an excellent time to launch a Marshall Plan to dismantle white supremacy, particularly considering the fact that the report provided huge thoughts, however of direction this didn’t happen. the use of Hamer-Baker as a template, envision what a comprehensive, explicitly anti-racist plan to eradicate systemic racial oppression to your office or neighborhood would appear to be, and then work with others to make it happen. We can also be inspired that at some point when a consensus does emerge, it’ll now not come from the top. background shows that it’ll come from the streets, from individuals organizing and annoying that all types of dehumanization and carnage must stop, and that after more than 500 years, the device of white supremacy must conclusion. education project assessment – Plan an comparison
These are the California B-wet grant necessities in your mission evaluation.
mission comparison criteria and Technical merit: assessment (10 aspects)
device: evaluation Plan evaluation (Reviewers’ Rubric)
Use this rubric to examine the comparison portion of your California B-wet notion. This rubric is in line with the five questions within the contrast section assessment from the B-moist RFP and is the one that reviewers will use to score the comparison portion of your supply. to use the rubric, read via your proposal’s evaluation part, then read each question below and the instructions for scoring on a scale from three to 0 and for tallying your ranking. A top ranking is 10 aspects.
Reviewers’ Rubric pdf 

Examples: concept contrast section
These are supplied as examples of a considerate and appropriate assessment section for a B-moist supply suggestion.
sample 1
venture contrast
we can evaluate our task to improve its design and determine its effectiveness in accomplishing our schooling ambitions. at the beginning of the provide we will behavior a front-end comparison (probably by way of a survey) of application contributors (excessive-college and college college students) to assess their prior competencies and attitudes about the issues they’re going to look at. on the end of the summer time workshop and twice during the school yr, all participants will repeat significant parts of the front-end survey so that it will track adjustments in skills, attitudes and perhaps stewardship movements immediately after their experiences as well as over time (a time sequence contrast design). at the conclusion of the supply we will record the summative have an impact on of this task on individuals.
The wide questions we can attempt to answer with this assessment are:
Do individuals’ realizing of the local watershed device enrich and do they believe more desirable linked to the native device? Are the topics offered all the way through the workshop valuable to members? Do they inspire stewardship interests/movements?
What have an impact on does the program have on contributors’ aspirations towards advanced education, pastime in/pursuit of science careers, and stewardship movements?
What aspects of this application (content material, pedagogy, field experiences and/or mentoring) do individuals document as having the best affects of them?
pattern 2
challenge assessment
The target audience for this contrast is teachers taking part in a weeklong summer workshop. The main questions for the evaluation are:
Which features of the workshop labored smartly? Which didn’t work? What adjustments would enhance the workshop?
What’s the have an impact on of the workshop on the lecturers who attend? Does it change their competencies or a way to train the content, and in what techniques?
What impact does the workshop have on school room practice? Do the academics use what they learned within the workshop?
All instructor individuals would finished a pre-workshop survey. at the end of daily, teachers would give feedback on the day’s activities and activities by way of a remarks kind. On the remaining day of the workshop, teachers would finished a post-workshop survey (one corresponding to the pre-workshop survey).
The survey and feedback varieties would use a mix of inquiries to collect qualitative and quantitative statistics. information from the pre-workshop survey could be compared to responses on the put up-workshop survey to track alterations in participants over the week. Responses on the comments kinds will help us enhance the beginning of the software.
approximately 6 months after the workshop, teacher contributors may be requested to finished an internet or cell survey to determine the workshop’s impacts on their teaching and their use of the substances we provided.
sample three
assignment evaluation
Our leading contrast question is: What’s the have an impact on of the software on students? We are looking to recognize if, at the end of the college yr, college students understand/be aware more about watersheds than they did at first of the year.
This evaluation will focal point on program individuals—core faculty college students. We plan to bring together statistics using two strategies:  1) scholar conception maps on the theory “watershed” and a couple of) a survey or interview of teachers concerning the software and any other watershed-related actions they can also have used in the classroom, in addition to background suggestions on their courses, teaching journey and event with idea maps.
a concept map is a knowledge representation device developed with the aid of Joseph Novak and co-workers within the Seventies (Novak, 1998, p. 27). ideas maps “met a necessity for an comparison device that can display effortlessly and precisely adjustments in students’ conceptual figuring out” (Novak, 1998, p. 192). This assessment formulation has been found to be official and legitimate by using Novak and different researchers (Novak, 1998).
We plan to use the theory mapping approach as a pre-test within the winter, before college students have experienced the application. after which use the equal technique late within the faculty yr to submit-check college students on the same thought. we are able to gain parents’ permission for students to participate during this evaluation. for students whose parents don’t provide permission, we now have an art activity for them to finished at look at various time. each and every examine session should still take about an hour. all through that point we plan to coach students on a way to create an idea map the usage of a non-watershed idea, then we’ll ask them to construct an idea map on the idea “watershed.”
We intend to make use of Novak’s scoring standards (Novak, 1984, pg. a hundred and five-108) to derive a numerical ranking for the thought maps for every student. Then we’ll use statistical analyses to compare students’ pre-check and publish-check ratings (statistical checks to be decided). Our speculation is that the program will have a good impact on students’ potential in regards to the native watershed.
Novak, J.D. (1998). getting to know, growing, and the use of potential: idea maps as facilitative equipment in colleges and companies. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum pals, Inc.
Novak, J.D. & Gowin, D.B. (1984). discovering a way to study. Cambridge: Cambridge school Press.
sample four
assignment evaluation
Of our assignment pursuits, our comparison will center of attention on assessing our success at increasing participants’ knowledge concerning the native watershed, attractive them in pleasant scientific investigations and lengthening their stewardship moves toward the watershed. we will use a combined-methods assessment approach (surveys and observations) to provide us with formative statistics that will improve our program and summative data to display our application’s influence. The important investigators will implement the comparison with Dr. XYZ serving as our consultant on the development of evaluation gadgets, the analysis of information and reporting of consequences.
we are able to beginning on the first day of the software with a pre-software survey of participants’ capabilities of local watersheds and their actions regarding wetland conservation. we can habits a virtually identical submit-application survey all the way through the last day of the software. right through each container work session, two knowledgeable interns will use an commentary instrument to investigate the first-class of members’ field investigations. The observers will share their findings with the personnel after each and every session so one can enrich how we habits the field work with members. eventually, at the conclusion of the software, we can ask contributors to complete a survey about their supposed actions regarding conservation of the native watershed.
Pre- and submit-survey statistics should be compiled and compared to examine the influence of the application on members. the entire assessment statistics collected might be summarized and included in our ultimate document.

Non-Examples: inspiration evaluation area
These are provided as examples of a poorly planned or articulated comparison section for a B-moist supply suggestion.
sample 1
we are able to evaluate our venture by using watching the students throughout the program and discussing our observations at ordinary workforce conferences. fogeys will also complete an evaluation tool to supply feedback.
pattern 2
we can employ an out of doors evaluator to enhance on-line surveys that each teachers and college students will complete. students will also hold journals and present last tasks, in an effort to encompass all they’ve realized throughout the application. assessment may be each formative and summative with the evaluator compiling and reporting on the outcomes.
pattern 3
by way of documenting the variety of individuals who attend the application each month we are able to investigate its success. at the conclusion of each and every program we can ask participants to inform us what they thought in regards to the software and imply methods to enrich it. we can also ask them to tell us one factor they realized from that application. This tips will assist us enhance the program so that it improved meets our pursuits and members’ wants.

logic mannequin: A Planning tool
connected is a good judgment model template to assist you plan your assignment and its comparison. here is a fine device to help you think about your venture as an entire. the primary column includes your targets, that’s, how you accept as true with your viewers can be different after they participate on your mission. The subsequent three columns are the place you listing what you’ll give/do with a view to meet your objectives. The final two columns are your outcomes-how your viewers can be different instantly after collaborating for your challenge and within the not-to-far away future.
what is a common sense model?
A logic mannequin is a systematic and visual approach to latest and share your figuring out of the relationships among the many substances you need to operate your program, the activities you intend to do, and the adjustments or consequences you hope to achieve. (see online elements: W.okay. Kellogg basis, 2001, p. 1)
A common sense model is a "photo" of how your assignment will work. good judgment models link venture outcomes (short-, intermediate- and lengthy-time period) with venture actions, outputs and inputs (or elements) &.common sense models give a highway map of your project, showing how it is expected to work, the logical order of activities and how the favored results may be achieved. (NOAA Coastal features center, project Design and evaluation Workshop guide, p. sixty three)
Why use it?
The purpose of a good judgment mannequin is to deliver stakeholders with a highway map describing the sequence of linked activities connecting the need for the planned program with the courses’ desired consequences. Mapping a task helps you visualize and have in mind how human and fiscal investments can make contributions to reaching your meant program goals and might lead to software improvements. (See on-line materials: W.ok. Kellogg foundation, 2001, pg. 3)
Helps you and colleagues/partners link all the add-ons together on the equal page
Helps project/program designers differentiate between objectives and activities, between outputs and results
Helps managers/stakeholders see how all the accessories fit together
Aids determination making about materials and activities
Helps managers assess where materials will go to obtain affects
units up project/software in order that it’s easier to evaluate
Helps individuals see how they make a contribution to the undertaking/application
Funders are starting to request them.
whatever thing else to do
some thing new to learn
Takes time and notion
must suppose through task/program earlier than jumping into doing activities
may make you greater responsible for what you do
common sense model


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