Printable Pennant Banner Template Free Professional Template Examples
Printable Pennant Banner Template Free Professional Template Examples from


A pennant banner is a wonderful way to add a touch of charm and festivity to any occasion or event. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, a baby shower, a wedding, or any other celebration, a pennant banner can instantly transform the atmosphere and make it more vibrant and joyful. In this article, we will explore the world of pennant banners and provide you with some amazing templates that you can use to create your own unique banners. So, let’s dive in!

What is a Pennant Banner?

A pennant banner, also known as a flag banner or a bunting banner, is a string of triangular or pennant-shaped flags that are hung together to create a decorative display. These banners are commonly used for celebrations, parties, and other special events. The flags can be made from various materials such as paper, fabric, or plastic, and they can be customized with different colors, patterns, and designs to suit the theme of the occasion.

How to Use a Pennant Banner Template

Using a pennant banner template is a simple and convenient way to create your own personalized banner. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose a template: There are numerous pennant banner templates available online. You can find them on websites that offer free printables or design software. Look for a template that matches your theme and preferences.
  2. Download the template: Once you have found the perfect template, download it to your computer or device. Make sure to save it in a location where you can easily access it later.
  3. Customize the template: Open the template using an image editing software or a word processing program. You can then customize the colors, patterns, and text to match your desired design. Feel free to unleash your creativity and make the banner unique and eye-catching.
  4. Print the template: After you have finished customizing the template, it’s time to print it. Use high-quality paper or cardstock for the best results. Adjust the printer settings to ensure that the colors and details are accurately reproduced.
  5. Assemble the banner: Once the template is printed, cut out each flag along the designated lines. Then, fold the top edge of each flag over a string or ribbon and secure it with tape or glue. Continue this process until all the flags are attached to the string.
  6. Hang the banner: Find a suitable location to hang your pennant banner. You can use hooks, nails, or adhesive clips to secure the string. Make sure to position the banner at a height where it can be easily seen and admired by your guests.

Sample Pennant Banner Templates

Here are five sample pennant banner templates that you can use as inspiration for your own designs:

1. Classic Pennant Banner Template

This template features a timeless design with plain-colored flags and a simple font for the text. It is perfect for formal events or occasions where you want the banner to blend seamlessly with the overall decor.

2. Floral Pennant Banner Template

If you are hosting a garden party or a spring-themed event, this floral pennant banner template will add a touch of elegance and beauty. The flags are adorned with delicate flower illustrations, giving the banner a fresh and feminine look.

3. Nautical Pennant Banner Template

For a seaside or beach-themed celebration, this nautical pennant banner template is ideal. The flags are decorated with anchors, seashells, and waves, creating a playful and maritime atmosphere.

4. Rainbow Pennant Banner Template

Add a pop of color and joy to your event with this vibrant rainbow pennant banner template. Each flag features a different color of the rainbow, creating a cheerful and festive display.

5. Sports Pennant Banner Template

If you are organizing a sports-themed party or celebrating a big game, this sports pennant banner template is a great choice. The flags are designed to resemble team pennants, allowing you to show support for your favorite team or sport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I find pennant banner templates?

You can find pennant banner templates on various websites that offer free printables, such as Pinterest, Canva, or Etsy. Additionally, you can also create your own templates using image editing software or word processing programs.

2. Can I customize the colors and patterns of the templates?

Yes, most pennant banner templates are customizable. You can easily change the colors, patterns, and even add your own text or images to match your desired design. This allows you to create a personalized banner that suits your event perfectly.

3. What materials do I need to create a pennant banner?

To create a pennant banner, you will need a template, high-quality paper or cardstock, scissors, glue or tape, and a string or ribbon to hang the flags. You can also add additional decorations such as stickers, glitter, or ribbons to enhance the banner’s appearance.

4. Can I reuse a pennant banner?

Yes, depending on the materials used and the overall condition of the banner, you can reuse it for future events. If the banner is made from durable materials such as fabric or plastic, you can simply store it carefully and use it again whenever needed.

5. How can I make my pennant banner stand out?

To make your pennant banner stand out, you can consider adding additional decorations such as balloons, streamers, or fairy lights. You can also experiment with different sizes and shapes of flags, or use different fonts and typography for the text on the banner.


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