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As a handyman, it is crucial to have a professional and organized invoicing system in place. An invoice not only helps you get paid promptly but also serves as a record of the services provided to your clients. In this article, we will discuss the importance of using a handyman invoice template and provide you with some samples to get started.

Why Use a Handyman Invoice Template?

Using a handyman invoice template offers several benefits. Firstly, it saves you time and effort by providing a pre-designed format that you can customize as per your requirements. Secondly, it ensures consistency in your invoices, making it easier for your clients to understand and process the payment. Lastly, it gives your business a professional look, enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness.

Sample Handyman Invoice Templates

Here are five sample handyman invoice templates that you can use as a starting point:

1. Basic Handyman Invoice Template

This template includes all the essential elements such as contact information, description of services, itemized costs, and total amount due. It is simple and straightforward, making it suitable for small handyman businesses.

2. Hourly Rate Handyman Invoice Template

If you charge your clients based on an hourly rate, this template is perfect for you. It allows you to record the number of hours worked, the hourly rate, and calculates the total amount accordingly. Additionally, it includes space for any additional materials or expenses incurred during the job.

3. Project-Based Handyman Invoice Template

This template is ideal for larger projects that require multiple visits or services. It allows you to break down the project into phases or tasks and bill your clients accordingly. You can include the estimated time, materials used, and any other relevant information for each phase.

4. Flat Rate Handyman Invoice Template

For services that have a fixed price, such as installing a ceiling fan or painting a room, this template works best. It includes a list of predefined services with their respective costs, making it easy for you to select and bill the client accordingly.

5. Detailed Handyman Invoice Template

If you prefer to provide a detailed breakdown of your services and costs, this template is for you. It includes separate sections for labor, materials, and any additional charges. You can also add a section for any discounts or promotions applied to the invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Handyman Invoice Template

1. Why should I use an invoice template instead of creating my own? Using an invoice template saves you time and ensures consistency in your invoicing process. It also adds a professional touch to your business. 2. Can I customize the invoice template as per my branding? Yes, most invoice templates are customizable, allowing you to add your logo, color scheme, and contact information to match your branding. 3. How can I keep track of my invoices? You can use an invoicing software or a spreadsheet to keep track of your invoices. Make sure to include invoice numbers and due dates for easy reference. 4. What payment methods should I include on my invoice? It is recommended to provide multiple payment options such as cash, check, credit card, or online payment platforms like PayPal to accommodate your clients’ preferences. 5. Do I need to include taxes on my invoice? If applicable, you should include the applicable taxes on your invoice. Consult with a tax professional to determine the tax rates and regulations for your specific business. 6. What information should I include in the description of services section? In the description of services section, provide a brief summary of the tasks or services you performed for the client. Be specific and include any relevant details or special instructions. 7. Can I send my invoices electronically? Yes, sending invoices electronically is efficient and eco-friendly. You can use email or online invoicing platforms to send invoices to your clients. 8. How should I follow up on unpaid invoices? If an invoice remains unpaid past the due date, send a friendly reminder to your client. If necessary, you can escalate the matter by sending a formal notice or involving a collections agency. 9. Should I offer a discount for early payment? Offering a small discount for early payment can encourage your clients to pay promptly. However, make sure the discount amount does not negatively impact your business. 10. How long should I keep a copy of my invoices? It is recommended to keep a copy of your invoices for at least six years for record-keeping and tax purposes. Store them digitally or in a secure physical location.


A handyman invoice template is an essential tool for any handyman business. It ensures that you get paid promptly and maintains a professional image for your business. Choose a template that suits your needs and customize it as per your branding. With a well-designed invoice template, you can streamline your invoicing process and focus on providing excellent services to your clients.


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