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FREE Gingerbread Printable Holiday Friends Preschool Craft from


Are you looking for a fun and creative activity to do with your kids? Or perhaps you’re a teacher looking for a unique project for your students? Look no further than gingerbread man templates! These templates are a great way to spark creativity and let your imagination run wild. In this article, we will explore the world of gingerbread man templates, from where to find them to how to use them in various projects.

What are Gingerbread Man Templates?

Gingerbread man templates are outlines or stencils that can be used to create gingerbread men in various shapes and sizes. They are typically made of paper or cardstock and can be printed or traced onto any material you wish to use. These templates serve as a guide to help you create the perfect gingerbread man shape.

Sample Gingerbread Man Templates

Here are five sample gingerbread man templates that you can use for your projects:

1. Classic Gingerbread Man: This template features the traditional gingerbread man shape with all the essential details, such as arms, legs, and buttons.

2. Fancy Gingerbread Man: This template adds a touch of elegance to the classic gingerbread man shape with intricate patterns and designs.

3. Mini Gingerbread Men: These templates are smaller in size and perfect for creating multiple gingerbread men for decorations or crafts.

4. Gingerbread Man Family: This template includes different sizes of gingerbread men, allowing you to create a whole gingerbread family.

5. Gingerbread Man Silhouette: This template features a simplified outline of a gingerbread man, perfect for creating unique and modern designs.

How to Use Gingerbread Man Templates

Using gingerbread man templates is easy and fun! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use them:

1. Choose the template that best suits your project or preference.

2. Print or trace the template onto the material you wish to use, such as paper, cardstock, or even felt.

3. Cut out the gingerbread man shape along the outline of the template.

4. Decorate the gingerbread man using various materials such as markers, paints, glitter, or even fabric.

5. Let your creativity shine! Add details like eyes, mouth, buttons, or any other decorations you desire.

6. Once you’re satisfied with the design, let it dry if necessary, and your gingerbread man is ready to be displayed or used in your project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Gingerbread Man Templates

1. Where can I find gingerbread man templates?

Gingerbread man templates can be found online on various websites that offer free printable templates. You can also create your own by drawing a gingerbread man shape on a piece of paper or using a graphic design software.

2. Can I resize the gingerbread man templates?

Yes, most templates can be resized to fit your desired project. You can adjust the size by using a photocopier or a graphic design software.

3. What materials can I use with gingerbread man templates?

Gingerbread man templates can be used with a wide range of materials such as paper, cardstock, felt, fabric, or even clay. It all depends on the type of project you have in mind.

4. Can gingerbread man templates be used for baking?

No, gingerbread man templates are not suitable for baking. They are mainly used for crafts, decorations, or as a guide for drawing.

5. Are there any specific techniques for decorating gingerbread men?

No, the beauty of using gingerbread man templates is that you can decorate them in any way you like. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with different materials and techniques.


Gingerbread man templates are a fantastic tool for unleashing your creativity and having fun. Whether you’re creating decorations for the holidays, organizing a craft activity for kids, or simply looking for a unique project, gingerbread man templates are sure to bring joy and excitement. So, grab your favorite template, gather your materials, and get ready to embark on a delightful journey of gingerbread man creations!


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