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Printable Cursive Bubble Letter E Freebie Finding Mom from


When it comes to creating visually appealing designs, bubble letters are a popular choice. These playful and rounded letterforms are perfect for adding a touch of fun to your projects. In this article, we will focus on the letter “E” and explore different ways to create it in bubble letters. Whether you are a designer looking to add some creativity to your work or someone who simply enjoys doodling, this article will provide you with tips, tutorials, and inspiration to create your own “E” in bubble letters.

Why Choose Bubble Letters?

Bubble letters have a unique charm that makes them stand out. Their rounded and puffy appearance gives them a playful and friendly vibe, making them perfect for various purposes. Whether you want to create eye-catching headlines, design a fun logo, or simply add some personality to your handwritten notes, bubble letters are a versatile option that can be customized to suit your style.

Creating Bubble Letters

Before we dive into the specifics of creating the letter “E” in bubble letters, let’s explore the basic technique behind it. Bubble letters are essentially outlined letters with rounded edges, resembling bubbles. To create them, you’ll need to start with a solid letterform and then add an outline with rounded corners. This can be done using various tools, both traditional and digital.

Tools and Materials

The tools and materials you’ll need to create bubble letters depend on your preferred method. Here are a few options:

  • Pen and paper: If you enjoy the traditional approach, all you need is a pen or marker and a sheet of paper. You can start by drawing the letter “E” in a solid form and then adding a rounded outline.
  • Graphic design software: If you prefer a digital approach, software like Adobe Illustrator or Procreate can help you create polished and professional-looking bubble letters. These programs offer various tools and features to customize the shape, color, and texture of your letters.

Creating the Letter “E” in Bubble Letters: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Now let’s get into the specifics of creating the letter “E” in bubble letters. Below is a step-by-step tutorial that will guide you through the process:

Step 1: Sketch the Solid “E”

Start by sketching the letter “E” in a solid form. Use light pencil strokes to create the basic shape, making sure to leave enough space for the rounded outline. Don’t worry about perfection at this stage; it’s just a rough guide for the next steps.

Step 2: Add the Rounded Outline

Next, add a rounded outline to the solid “E” shape. Start from one corner and gradually curve the lines to create smooth and puffy edges. Make sure to maintain consistency in the curvature of the outline to achieve a cohesive look.

Step 3: Refine and Clean Up

Once you are satisfied with the overall shape, refine and clean up your sketch. Use an eraser to remove any unnecessary lines and smudges. You can also darken the outline to make it more prominent and add a drop shadow or highlights for extra depth.

Step 4: Color and Decorate

Now it’s time to bring your letter “E” to life with color and decorations. Choose a color palette that suits your design and fill the solid part of the letter with it. You can also experiment with gradients, patterns, or textures to add more visual interest. Additionally, consider adding embellishments like stars, hearts, or swirls to make your bubble letter “E” even more unique.

Step 5: Finalize and Save

Once you are happy with your bubble letter “E,” finalize your design by reviewing it for any necessary adjustments. Make sure the proportions are balanced, the colors are harmonious, and the overall composition is visually pleasing. Finally, save your artwork in the desired format, whether it’s a digital file or a scanned copy of your hand-drawn design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the purpose of bubble letters?

Bubble letters are used to add a playful and eye-catching touch to various designs, including logos, posters, greeting cards, and more.

2. Can I create bubble letters without any artistic skills?

Absolutely! Creating bubble letters is a fun and accessible activity for everyone, regardless of their artistic skills. All you need is some practice and experimentation.

3. Are there any online resources for learning bubble letter techniques?

Yes, there are numerous online tutorials, videos, and forums where you can learn different bubble letter techniques. Websites like YouTube and Pinterest are great starting points.

4. Can I customize the shape and style of bubble letters?

Definitely! One of the advantages of bubble letters is their versatility. You can experiment with different shapes, sizes, colors, and even add your personal touch to make them unique.

5. Are bubble letters suitable for professional designs?

While bubble letters are often associated with a more casual and playful style, they can be adapted to suit professional designs as well. By choosing appropriate colors, refining the outlines, and paying attention to details, you can create polished and sophisticated bubble letter designs.


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