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36 Cornell Notes Templates & Examples [Word, PDF] ᐅ TemplateLab from templatelab.com


If you are a student or someone who takes a lot of notes, you may have heard of the Cornell Notes system. Developed by Walter Pauk at Cornell University in the 1940s, this note-taking method is widely used and highly effective. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Cornell Notes templates in PDF format, including how to use them, where to find them, and why they are so popular.

What is the Cornell Notes System?

The Cornell Notes system is a structured method of note-taking that helps students organize information more effectively. It consists of three main sections: the cue column, the note-taking column, and the summary section.

The cue column is used to jot down questions or keywords that serve as prompts for the main ideas or details in the note-taking column. The note-taking column is where you write down the main ideas and supporting details from the lecture or reading material. Finally, the summary section allows you to reflect on and summarize the key points of the notes.

Why Use Cornell Notes Templates in PDF Format?

Using Cornell Notes templates in PDF format offers several advantages. Firstly, PDF files are widely compatible and can be opened on almost any device or operating system. This means you can access your notes on your computer, tablet, or smartphone without any hassle.

Secondly, using pre-designed templates saves time and ensures consistency in your note-taking. You don’t have to spend time drawing lines and dividing your page into sections every time you take notes. The templates provide a clear structure that helps you stay organized and focused during lectures or while reading.

Where to Find Cornell Notes Templates in PDF Format?

There are several sources where you can find Cornell Notes templates in PDF format. Here are five sample templates you can try:

Sample 1: Basic Cornell Notes Template

This template includes the cue column, note-taking column, and summary section. It provides a simple and clean layout that is easy to read and navigate.

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Sample 2: Cornell Notes Template with Lines

If you prefer having lines to guide your writing, this template is perfect for you. It includes horizontal lines in the note-taking column, making it easier to keep your notes neat and organized.

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Sample 3: Cornell Notes Template with Graph Paper

If you find it helpful to have a graph paper background for your notes, this template is ideal. It combines the structure of the Cornell Notes system with the precision of graph paper.

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Sample 4: Cornell Notes Template with Summary Section on the Side

This template offers a unique layout where the summary section is placed on the side, rather than at the bottom. This allows for more space in the note-taking column and makes it easier to review your summary while studying.

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Sample 5: Cornell Notes Template with Cornell Dots

If you prefer using Cornell Dots instead of lines or graph paper, this template is perfect for you. The Cornell Dots provide a subtle guide for your writing without being too distracting.

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Cornell Notes templates in PDF format are a valuable tool for students and anyone who wants to take organized and effective notes. Whether you prefer a basic layout or a more customized design, there are plenty of templates available to suit your needs. By using these templates, you can save time, stay organized, and improve your retention and understanding of the material. So, start exploring the various Cornell Notes templates in PDF format and enhance your note-taking experience today!


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