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Cluster Map Template. In this video we will cover mapping in Power BI and most importantly cluster mapping. We will be using the karate dataset I posted on Kaggle. import createClusterMap from 'cluster-map'; /** * Executes tasks in parallel using Node.js cluster. * @typedef Function createClusterMap~createMap * @param string[] tasks An array of unique tasks.

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This example focuses on web maps, but there is a similar utility within the Google. Here are six Flourish templates for making interactive maps. Pin maps are handy for plotting a large number of data points on a map.

You can use the onMapCreated() to know when the.

Maptive's cluster maps have the option to cluster tightly packed markers together.

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The stories within the numbers appear when you can see them Ideally you could summarize the underlying data, which requires map clustering technology. Is there a similar map template that can support this? Mapping a nation of regional clusters.